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Using only your home computer, pencil, pen & ink, an inexpensive scanner & a digital camera, you can create your own illustrated book at home.

Author: Marko Mikulich has created thousands of illustrations & photographs for numerous medical & technical publications over the last 39 years. He is a Certified Medical Illustrator/Photographer—having graduated from the advanced training program at the University of California, San Francisco. Mikulich worked at UCSF & freelanced in the San Francisco Bay Area. Before moving to rural Oregon in 1998 he started the Educational Resource Development Corp (ERDC) and later ERDC-Publishing, which is a self-publishing concern.

Currently, Marko is writing & self-publishing how-to-do-it books and magazine articles from his studio—which is located in the forest near Drain Oregon. "It's great to work at home in the country— with no commute or daily hassle at an office. Self-publishing allows me to use the computer & phone to keep in contact with people all over the world." he said.

Marko also teaches Illustration, Photography & Book Production at Lane Community College in Eugene Oregon.

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IBSN: 978-1-892551-03-0

Drawing Drawing methods, tools, materials Dip pen techniques Mechanical pen technique Sharpening an illustration pencil Computer line drawings Drawing tricks of illustrators Tracing photos & laser prints Tracing scans & photocopies Copyrights & tracing PhotoLift way of making drawings Images from books & magazines Labeling drawings & photographs Basic perspective in drawings Home-made light boxes

Photographic illustration Digital photography primer Photographic editing & manipulation Lighting, backgrounds & setups Integrating drawings with photographs Knockouts of photos using a computer Exploded photographic illustrations

Typesetting Typesetting primer Typography for optimum readability Fonts for book text Type sizing & fitting Column widths Type size conversions Type specifications Printer's jargon Leading Type fonts & size for labels Emphasizing words with style

Producing your book Costs of printing, distrib. & shipping Steps in producing an illustrated book Equipt./materials needed & the costs Software needed for publishing Book size, bindings, measurements Page design, columns, margins etc.

Appendix Glossary Bibliography Conversion tables and data Index

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